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IFx-VET personalized cancer vaccine is now available throughout the US for the treatment of companion animals. This immunotherapy is created for each pet using their own cancer cells in our state-of-the art manufacturing facility by our experienced staff.
IFx-VET primes and educates the immune system to attack tumor cells throughout the body without damaging other cells or organs.


IFx-VET Cancer Vaccine

The IFx-VET cancer vaccine is a multi-indication cancer immunotherapy developed by Morphogenesis and offered as a service to veterinarians by Veterinary Oncology Services, Inc. The USDA has authorized the Veterinary Oncology Services to provide the personalized form of the vaccine to veterinarians for the treatment of cancers in companion animals. Personalized IFx-VET is an autologous cancer vaccine, i.e. it is made from each patient’s own cancer cells. The tumor cells to make the vaccine are most often collected at the time of surgery when the tumor mass is removed or is debulked.

Mechanism of Action

The immune system, exploding_melwhich normally functions to recognize, seek and destroy foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses, does not always recognize cancer cells as “dangerous” thus allowing the cancer cells to multiply. IFx-VET is an immunotherapy that acts by “educating” the immune system to recognize cancer cells as dangerous and eliminate them. The use of IFx-VET is not limited to any specific cancer type and has been used to treat a variety of cancers in cats, dogs and horses.

The Process

We’ve mad8-25-2015 10-00-32 AMe the process for obtaining a personalized IFx-VET vaccine easy. All that is needed is a sample of the patient’s tumor. A kit isprovided for each patient and is complete with a specimen collection vial, instructions for aseptic collection of the tissue and a pre-labeled shipping container. It takes millions of cancer cells to make the series of IFx-VET vaccine doses. How quickly the vaccine can be prepared is dependent upon how many cells are obtained from the initial biopsy. If the initial biopsy does not yield enough cells, the cells may be placed into in vitro culture until the desired number is achieved. Some cancer cells, mainly from solid tumors, grow slowly, and it may take several weeks for enough cells to be available for the development of the vaccine. Veterinary Oncology Services will inform you of how many cells are obtained from the initial biopsy, the results of cell processing and when to expect the completed vaccine. Once the vaccine doses are ready, our staff will work with you to schedule appointments and the delivery of each dose.


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