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Veterinary Oncology Services, Inc. is a fully integrated service provider of personalized IFx-VET cancer vaccines for companion animals. In 2013, the Company gained authorization from the USDA to provide the personalized service across the US. Customization of the technology for each specific patient has been made possible by carefully honing the process so that it is rapid, efficient and cost-effective. The Veterinary Oncology Services process has been tested in laboratory mice and in companion animals in clinical settings. To date, personalized IFx-VET vaccines have been provided to veterinarians for the treatment of 37 different types of cancer in over 113 breeds of dogs, cats and horses with extremely favorable results. IFx-VET is an entirely new and effective weapon for veterinarians to use in their fight against cancer in companion animals. Veterinary Oncology Services is headquartered in Tampa, FL and provides services to veterinarians and their clients throughout the US.


IFx-VET personalized cancer vaccine is now available throughout the US for the treatment of companion animals. This immunotherapy is created for each pet using their own cancer cells in our state-of-the art manufacturing facility by our experienced staff. IFx-VET primes and educates the immune system to attack tumor cells throughout the body without damaging other cells or organs.


Pet Parents

Cancers occur in companion animals with an incidence similar to that in humans; share many features with human malignancies and have similar responses to chemo and radiation therapies. Yet, veterinary oncology has been largely dependent on human ‘hand-me-down’ interventions. Veterinary Oncology Services is changing this paradigm. In fact, each IFx-VET cancer vaccine is made specifically for each pet so that the immune system is alerted to the particular abnormalities of his/her own cancer.



IFx-VET is an immunotherapy created for each pet using their own cancer cells in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility by our experienced staff.




  • “Isabeau is doing incredible. Thanks to you and all involved I have my mare back. Very satisfied with the results. I feel you have saved her life. Thank you…”
  • “For most dogs with her lymphoma profile, I expect remission and survival to not exceed a year (max) with use of traditional chemotherapy alone, so I have to attribute her continued prolonged remission to the addition of the vaccine.  I will certainly keep you updated - as she is a very interesting case to follow, given this degree of success already! Great work, VOS team!”
    Jennifer Locke, DVM, Diplomate, ACVIM
  • “My heroes. I will be forever grateful for these wonderful folks.”
    Kelly Pavone