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PACS Cell Separator

Changing the way rare cells are purified...

Separating and purifying cells is a necessity for efficient cellular research and for the development of safe and efficacious cell therapies. Indeed, without the ability to more efficiently and selectively purify cells, advances in cell therapy has been greatly limited.

The Morphogenesis cell capture technology, Polymer Antibody Cell Separation System (PACS), addresses the challenges facing the field of cell capture/separation by the assimilation of multiple systems that can capture and release viable targeted cells from large volumes. The device can also minimize non-specific binding of non-targeted cells and utilizes a gentle release mechanism that maximizes the recovery of viable and functional cells for down-stream processing. The system is applicable to graft engineering in that multiple cell populations can be captured individually from a complex mixture in a one-step operation. The device also has the capability to monitor real-time binding of the target cell population as well as metabolic state and viability.

The novel PACS affinity-based cell capture technology utilizes electrically conductive polymer microspheres in a fully integrated device that accurately detects, enriches, captures, measures and evaluates small numbers of rare cells such as stem cells and circulating tumor cells (CTC). The PACS device can capture cells from large volumes using continuous flow in circulating and single-pass configurations with purity and recovery rates >95%. The electro-eluted cells maintain viability, phenotype and functionality.

The PACS device can be used for early detection, clinical staging, treatment monitoring, detecting relapse, prognostic evaluation, the production of contamination-free stem cell therapies, and importantly, the development of patient-specific cell-based immunotherapies. This enabling technology will provide a routine, readily available, user-friendly, closed, high-throughput (large volumes) and practical point of care device with output which will be reproducible and easily validated. This device will meet the rigorous criteria required for specificity, sensitivity and quality control. The PACS system will encompass each of these functional characteristics to the highest degree of sensitivity, the highest accuracy and with the greatest reproducibility. In order to fulfill these and other criteria, the system is capable of processing large volumes (200 ml or more) and will accommodate unfractionated peripheral blood, bone marrow or apheresis product; it will detect/quantify/isolate/capture/purify multiple cell phenotypes simultaneously and will yield sufficient numbers of stem cells or CTC for use in biomarker/phenotype/genomic research and autologous therapies such as Morphogenesis’ ImmuneFx cancer vaccines. The Company is looking for partners to complete development and commercialization.