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Industry Innovator

Morphogenesis is a privately-funded biotechnology company that has established itself as a leader in the rapidly growing cell therapy, biologics and tissue engineering fields.

What does this mean? Cell therapies target the disorder, not the symptoms, and may ultimately provide a cure.

Although each of the company’s numerous experimental, patent-pending and patented technologies offer significant benefits to mankind, Morphogenesis has primarily focused on the extremely promising multi-indication therapeutic cancer vaccines, ImmuneFx.

ImmuneFx is a vaccine, not a drug, that educates a patient’s own immune system to attack tumor cells throughout the body without damaging normal cells or systems. ImmuneFx is effective in treating a variety of cancers, and targets multiple tumor antigens while many other technologies are aimed at single antigens and limited types of cancers.

ImmuneFx can be delivered in three different forms, each with cost effective manufacturing, logistical, and administration processes. Proven to prime and educate the immune system to target multiple tumor antigens, ImmuneFx is a formidable standalone therapy and the perfect partner for a checkpoint inhibitor combination.