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Our mission is to change the way chronic diseases are treated by engaging the innate intelligence of body.

Our current focus is changing the way the immune system fights cancer. Morphogenesis is a clinical stage company developing novel cell and gene therapies based on distinct and synergistic technology platforms. Our breakthrough method of antigen presentation is unique in that it takes advantage of the many mutations in cancer cells, the very characteristic of cancer that makes it so difficult to treat using conventional therapies. Our process exposes the abnormal proteins resulting from these mutations to the body’s scavenging cells in a way that makes them impossible to ignore. A broad and comprehensive immune response is then generated against these patient-specific proteins, and the body’s killing machine is unleashed against cancer cells throughout the body.


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Morphogenesis is dedicated to providing a new approach to the limited arsenal that has been assembled to treat human, companion animal and equine cancers like melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and sarcoids.

Development Collaboration

Morphogenesis is proud to collaborate with the best. It’s collaboration with the University of Florida’s College of Engineering Integrated Product and Process Design (IPPD) program is no exception. Teams of senior engineering student pair up with companies like Morphogenesis to bring cross disciplinary approaches to complex technological challenges. These alliances enable companies to effectively transition their technology to commercialization while providing an unparalleled educational opportunity for the students.

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clinical collaborationClinical Collaboration

Morphogenesis has worked very closely with Southeast Veterinary Oncology and Internal Medicine (SEVO-Med) in Orange Park, FL and Savanah, GA. SEVO-Med is one of the first oncology-specific veterinary specialty practices in the country and remains one of the most innovative. Dr. Tracy LaDue, a double-board certified veterinary oncologist, as well as Dr. Andrew Daters and Dr. Jennifer Locke, also board certified veterinary oncologists, are truly dedicated to providing state of the art medical care for pets with cancer.

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Clinical Development

Malignant melanoma is a particularly devastating cancer, and the high rate of genetic mutations make it a constantly moving and diverging target. However, the many accumulated mutations and resulting mutated proteins make melanoma an ideal target for ImmuneFx. This incredibly powerful priming mechanism ensures that all tumor-associated proteins are presented to the cells of the immune system, thus focusing the immune response on multiple patient-specific mutated proteins and reducing the chance a tumor cell can escape immune detection. Morphogenesis is applying its technology to treat melanoma in humans, dogs and horses.

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