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ImmuneFx Cancer Vaccine

Game changing technology

The purpose of a cancer vaccine is to initiate and focus the enormous power of the immune system on the destruction of tumor cells. Our cancer vaccine technology, which we call ImmuneFx (IFx), does this in the most effective manner possible. By expressing a bacterial antigen on the surface of a patient’s own tumor cells, IFx primes and educates the immune system to destroy tumor cells throughout the body without harming healthy cells and tissues. Our IFx-Hu2.0 vaccine is currently being tested in a Phase I clinical trial for Stage III/IV unresectable cutaneous melanoma.

Simple, yet powerful, IFx combines cell AND gene therapy to provide a universal solution for personalized results.


As a plasmid DNA (pDNA) or mRNA GENE THERAPY, IFx is an off-the-shelf multi-indication product that is delivered by intratumoral injection. Once delivered into the cancer lesion, the bacterial antigen is expressed on the surface of the patient’s tumor cells. Once on the cell, IFx breaks tolerance to multiple tumor antigens through a phenomenon known as antigen presentation and inter-antigenic epitope spreading. This is where the magic happens, and our off-the-shelf product becomes a personalized CELL THERAPY. Here, it maximizes immunity to weakly immunogenic altered self-antigens and increases the inclusion of the most potent immune rejection target antigens. This, in turn, decreases the escape of antigen-loss variants, a common occurrence that plagues single antigen therapies.

The power of IFx has been demonstrated through the >3,000 doses administered so far to veterinary patients with naturally occurring cancers. Data accrued from 430 companion animals, some 126 breeds with 44 different types of cancer, have much more predictive value for what will happen when administered to humans than any experimentally induced laboratory mouse model ever could. With minimal side-effects and a strong correlation between clinical efficacy and immune response, IFx has proven its ability to prime and present the complete repertoire of tumor antigens to the immune system in such a way that evokes a broad spectrum of immune response including both innate and adaptive immunity.

IFx is a true multi-indication cancer vaccine that effectively combines cell and gene therapy to mobilize multiple components of the innate and adaptive immune systems that target the entire antigenic repertoire of heterologous tumors by maximizing antigen presentation and inter-antigenic epitope spreading in a clinically relevant manner.