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“Morphogenesis is a clinical stage company developing novel cell and gene therapies based on distinct and synergistic technology platforms. Our mission is to change the way chronic diseases are treated by engaging the innate intelligence of the body.”



Morphogenesis Inc. holds more than 20 U.S. patents and has created four revolutionary technology platforms serving the rapidly growing, multi-billion-dollar cell therapy, Biologics and tissue engineering markets. Morphogenesis Inc.’s leading technological breakthroughs include:


Founded by Drs. Michael and Patricia Lawman, along with a team of brilliant scientists, Morphogenesis began operations at the University of Florida’s Sid Martin Biotechnology Development Institute in Alachua more than two decades ago. Past professional associations include work at the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute, the University of Tennessee, Auburn University, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, the University of Florida, University of Central Florida, and the University of South Florida College of Medicine.


Morphogenesis Inc. has developed, patented, and currently owns a comprehensive product portfolio of cellular and gene therapies that can detect, monitor and control cancer.


Morphogenesis Inc.’s leadership in the companion animal cancer treatment market is being spearheaded by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Veterinary Oncology Services. Veterinary Oncology Services assists veterinary oncology physicians nationwide with providing side-effect-free, customized treatment for more than 30 different types of cancers in dogs, cats, and horses.


While Morphogenesis and its breakthrough research and development work is privately funded, Morphogenesis has been the recipient of investments and grants from the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research, Product Assistance for Cellular Therapies, and Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project.


In 2009, Morphogenesis Inc. was a finalist in the World Technology Summit alongside Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and The Honda Motor Company. Morphogenesis was recognized among those companies “doing the ‘work having the greatest likely long-term significance’ in their fields.”


Morphogenesis is a clinical stage research and development biotech company with a wide range of enabling cell and gene therapy technologies and a comprehensive product portfolio addressing the detection, monitoring and control of cancer.


Morphogenesis was founded on the principle of ‘biotechnology’ in its purest form, i.e. the use of biological processes, organisms and systems to manufacture products that solve complex problems and improve the quality of human life. We have focused on cell and gene therapies because these approaches lie at the heart of biological processes and their use capitalizes on the vast ability of biological systems to solve complex biological issues.

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Morphogenesis formed Veterinary Oncology Services, Inc. in order to make the personalized form of ImmuneFx available for companion animals. Customization of the ImmuneFx technology for each specific patient has been made possible by the careful honing of the process so that it is rapid, efficient and cost effective. Personalized ImmuneFx is an entirely new and effective weapon for veterinarians to use in their fight against cancer in companion animals.

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Our team could be described as passionate, dedicated, committed, motivated or driven, but we believe we are all of those things. As the business of science evolves, we know that maintaining status quo is not an option, and we are fully committed to leading the charge into the scientific unknowns for the betterment of people’s lives and will continue being pioneers leading the way. At Morphogenesis we believe that change is the way of life and we continuously seek to embrace these changes, adapt to them and influence them. That is who we are at Morphogenesis and THAT is what keeps us going…

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