PACS™ Cell Separator

Separating and purifying cells is a necessity for efficient cellular research and for the development of safe and efficacious cell therapies. Indeed, without the ability to more efficiently and selectively purify cells, advances in cell therapy has been greatly limited.


The unique nature of the proprietary components of the PACS™ research and clinical cell separation devices is responsible for their exceptional performance. The electro-conducting polymer matrix excels as a substrate for separating cells because the polymer itself has little affinity for cells or extracellular proteins. This eliminates non-specific binding, which in turn increases specificity, sensitivity, efficiency and reproducibility by allowing the antibody alone to define the population of cells to be selected.


The ability to identify and purify rare cells will allow more efficient graft engineering and enable the standardization of cancer management through a comprehensive program of diagnosis, patient monitoring, tumor depletion and stem cell transplantation as well as to ensure quality control of various cell therapy products.


With the hardware/software components of the PACS™ device completed, the prototype cell separation cartridge is expected to go to design freeze and beta testing at multiple sites later this year.
Changing the way rare cells are purified
PACS™ Cell Separator
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