Morphogenesis has developed a multi-indication cancer therapy that primes and educates the immune system to recognize, seek and destroy tumor cells wherever they occur in the body. When people or animals have cancer, the immune system, the body's natural defense system against disease, recognizes malignant and normal cells as essentially the same. Cancer vaccines are designed to 'boost' the immune system so these abnormal cells are recognized as such and eliminated. ImmuneFx™ cancer vaccine performs this function exceptionally well.


Pre-clinical studies have indicated that ImmuneFx acts by providing a priming action for the immune system. The priming antigen is supplied to the patient's own tumor cells, allogeneic cell lines or in vivo in the form of a DNA plasmid. The cellular machinery expresses the antigen on the surface of the tumor cells. Because the antigen is expressed on the surface of the tumor cells, it alerts the body's scavenging cells (antigen presenting cells) to the fact that these cells are now foreign. Once this priming action has initiated the immune response, the antigen presenting cells attack the tumor cells, digest them and display all the antigens, those specific to the tumor cells as well as the foreign antigen, to T cells which then initiate a response specific to all the antigens. In this way, a strong immune response is directed to the tumor in a way that was not possible before.


The ImmuneFx cancer vaccine capitalizes on the ability of bacterial antigens to evoke a strong immune response and the ability of the patient's immune system to respond to the presence of the bacterial antigens by directing the force of the immune system specifically to the tumor. In addition to the obvious human medical markets, Morphogenesis is also poised to enter the veterinary cancer market for companion animals. Preclinical studies have shown that the vaccine can be produced for and safely delivered to dogs with naturally occurring lymphoma. In all instances, the ImmuneFx vaccine was well tolerated, produced strong humoral, cellular and clinically relevant anti-tumor responses and elicited no toxic side effects.


A canine B cell lymphoma has been completed, an equine melanoma study is underway and a Phase I human trial on indolent non-hodgkin lymphoma using the ImmuneFx vaccine is expected to begin this year.
ImmuneFx™ Cancer Vaccine
Changing the way cancer treatment is managed
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ImmuneFx™ Cancer Vaccine
Diane Sawyer reports on how studies involving our canine companions are helping us with our search for new ways to fight cancer in us. Check it out on ABC News.

Veterinary Oncology Services, Inc., a Morphogenesis subsidiary, assists veterinary physicians in providing a non-toxic alternative to conventional chemo and radiation therapies to their patients with various types of malignancies.

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REGULATORY STATUS: ImmuneFx™ has not been approved for human use by the FDA but has been authorized by the USDA to provide qualified veterinarians with personalized vaccine to treat companion animals.