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While traditional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are currently important components of cancer treatment, immuno-oncology therapies will soon be the most widely chosen cancer control option.


Veterinary Oncology

Morphogenesis Inc.’s leadership in the companion animal cancer treatment market is being spearheaded by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Veterinary Oncology Services (VOS). VOS has assisted veterinary oncology physicians nationwide with providing side-effect-free, customized treatment for more than 30 different types of cancers in dogs, cats, and horses.


  • "This breakthrough in cancer treatment offers genuine promise of extending life and, importantly, quality of life for companion animals here in the southeast and across the United States. And because there are no side effects, the therapy itself is a comfortable experience for our pets. Because of the results we have already seen, we’re so delighted to be able to offer the ImmuneFx cancer therapy to our pet parents."
    Tracy LaDue, DVM, founder of SEVO-Med, Florida and Georgia
  • "Partnering with Morphogenesis on this design project – this revolutionary cell separation device – is providing our senior undergraduate engineering students with an opportunity to contribute to cutting edge research."
    Professor Keith Stanfill, PhD, PE, Director of Integrated Product and Process Design Program, Engineering Innovation Institute, University of Florida
  • "I am indebted to Morphogenesis, Inc for the internship guidance and training our students receive as the final phase of their graduate education.  The combination of biotechnology course work along with hands-on instruction in Morphogenesis, Inc’s state of the art cancer vaccine technologies serves as a linchpin for preparing young scientists for future careers in the life sciences."
    David Mitchell, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Director Professional Science Master's Program in Biotechnology and Certificate Programs in Biotechnology and Intellectual Property